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The community assessment allow the committee members to discuss the health factors and outcomes identified in the sources to determine if the information was consistent with their understanding of the needs of the community. The discussion was opened to allow for input to address any other community health issues or needs.

Community members who would like to provide input on the next CHNA process are encouraged to contact LCMC with their inquries.





March 19, 2015

Little Colorado Medical Center (LCMC)

Implementation Strategy for Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) 2014

The five top issues sited in the CHNA were, home health, mental health, alcoholism, senior care, and poverty.

LCMC has initiated the following items to address some of the identified issues.

  • Home health- There is significant need for outpatient treatments for patients locally, such as wound care and IV antibiotics. LCMC in correlation with Dr. Brian Bucina has started a wound care clinic at the Little Colorado Physicians Office. Dr. Bucina is now a Board Certified Wound Care Specialist and doing advanced wound care locally in Winslow. LCMC ED is also offering IV outpatient therapy for many antibiotics and certain other infusions. Many of the patients currently using these services were previously traveling to Flagstaff or requiring a stay in a nursing home for treatment.
  • Mental Health services and Alcoholism tend to go hand in hand. LCMC has initiated community dialog with the city and tribal authorities in order to work together to address this longstanding local issue. Jack Dempsey, CEO LCMC, has contacted Northern Arizona Behavioral Health Association (NARBA) in regard to issues with the local detox center declining admission of certain individuals.
  • Senior Care is available at the Senior Center in Winslow but many people are unaware of the services available to them. LCMC is working to provide information to our patients on the services offered by the Senior Center. Another need for seniors is Physical Therapy and rehabilitation. Although Winslow has an excellent Physical Therapy practice, it is not able to keep up with the increasing needs of the ageing population. LCMC is looking at expanding our services to include Physical Therapy to meet the increased need within the community.
  • Poverty is a serious issue nationwide but especially in Navajo County. Unfortunately there are limited things LCMC can do to combat this issue. What we can do is continue to assist people to enroll in AHCCCS and try to connect them with resources when they are in our hospital. LCMC also tries to hire locally and offers programs to support and train community members for careers as nurses. We work closely with Northland Pioneer College as well as other educational facilities to provide a place for training as well as a future career.

LCMC will continue to address the needs of our community in order to improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors.

Community Health Needs Assessment 2014