Welcome to Little Colorado Medical Center Human Resources

LCMC'S Employment Philosophy:

LCMC's Human Resources Department serves our community by focusing its efforts on the organizations most valuable asset, its employees. We do this by recruiting, hiring, and retaining a diverse, highly qualified workforce.  As a strategic partner we deliver innovative human resource programs and services designed to support the mission of LCMC.  Our passion is superior customer service and our desire is to help build and deliver a stronger community.  

The cornerstone of our Human Resources Philosophy is to treat every employee as an individual, celebrating and delighting in their accomplishments and respecting their individual needs. It is this environment that enables us to address any issues or problems facing employees in their daily activities.  We honor our open door and problem solving process as the most efficient and meaningful way to develop a strong bond between all employees.

It is our belief that the most capable people available should be selected for each assignment within the organization. It is essential that a high degree of enthusiasm and commitment is evident at all levels in the organization, and that every employee works toward attaining our mutual objectives. Employees make LCMC's success possible.