LCMC offers the following services:

♦  Inpatient

♦  Outpatient

♦  Emergency Room

♦  Multi-Specialty Clinic

♦  Laboratory

   24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

   Clinical laboratory is a full service                  laboratory

♦  Imaging Services
   Services provided: Tomography/Digital        X-Ray/Ultrasound/Echocardiology

   Assured Imaging (888) 233-6121
   MRI & Mammography on a wk/mo basis
   Appointment only

♦  Surgical Services

♦  Obstetrics

♦  Med/Surg

♦  Dietary Services 

LCMC has the following specialties represented on its medical staff

♦  Family Practice


♦  General Surgery

♦  Emergency Room

♦  Adult Medicine

♦  Cardiology




Medicine At Its Best!

When you talk to our professionals, with their years of knowledge, and see how clean our facilities are kept, you'll soon understand why we are known in the industry for "Compassionate Care."


General Surgery

Little Colorado Medical Center recently refurbished operating rooms with the latest surgical instrumentation and technology.  LCMC has three board certified surgeons on its staff with more than sixty years of experience.  These surgeons can provide a wide variety of procedures on an inpatient, outpatient, elective or emergency basis 24-hours a day, 365-days a week.

Wound Care

Little Colorado has one Board-Certified Wound Specialist and General Surgeon on staff to work with you and your primary care physician in the diagnosis and treatment of wound care issues.  If these issues require surgical treatment, they can be performed in the hospital's operating suites.  The center is now open 9 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday and is currently accepting new patients. Referrals/Appointments can be scheduled through Little Colorado Physician's Office Monday-Friday by calling (928) 289-3396 or faxing (928) 289-2801.

The Little Colorado Medical Center Wound Care Center offers a complete spectrum of wound healing treatment options including both surgical and nonsurgical:

♦  Advanced Wound Dressings
♦  Bio-Engineered Skin Substitutes
♦  Antibiotic Therapy
♦  Growth Factor Therapy
♦  Negative Pressure Therapy
♦  MIST Therapy Using Low Frequency Ultrasound
♦  Skin Grafts, Flaps, Amputations
♦  Total Contact Casting
♦  Pulsatile Lavage with Suction
♦  Surgical Wound Debridement

Dr. Bucina is featured on the American Board of Wound Managementclick here to view article


Little Colorado Medical Center's OB/GYN service provides a safe and happy environment for the arrival of your new additon to the family.  A board certified Obstetrician is always available to assist your primary care provider with a normal or C-Section delivery.  LCMC has four dedicated labor/delivery rooms to help make the birthing experience as comfortable and pleasant as possbile.  Following your infant's birth, our trained and experienced nursing staff will provide you with advice and educational material to help you recover quickly and care for your new infant child.


We work with Health and Vascular Center of Northern Arizona to provide care and easy access to a cardiologist on the Little Colorado Medical Center campus for Winslow residents.  Appointments can be made with the HVCNA Cardiologist Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week by calling (928) 289-6336.  Should you require diagnostic testing such as an EKG, echo cardiogram, stress testing, LCMC is equipped to perform them on campus.  If you need to be hospitalized, consultation with the LCMC's Hospitalists and the HVCNA Cardiologist will continue to provide for your care and safety in our monitored beds.

Outpatient Care

Our outpatient care clinic, Little Colorado Physicians Office, is the latest addition to the LCMC campus.  The clinic was opened in 2010 and provides a modern, comfortable environment for outpatient services. With LCPO family physicians, nurse practitioners, surgeons, and obstetrician all working under the same roof, consultations are convenient and your time and care are maximized.